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"Because the right
word makes the

About Us
¿Quiénes Somos?

We are a business formed by doctors who were seeking for a solution to the common problem of constantly coming across inexact medical translations due to the highly specific knowledge and terminology that characterizes medical texts.

TRA-Doctor is exclusively comprised by bilingual doctors and professional translators, guaranteeing excellence in translation.

We have extensive experience regarding medical and scientific translations, and complement this work with the expertise of our medical training, the daily practice of medicine, and with our own research work.
We recognize, due to our background, the importance of appropriately conveying the content and the choice of the exact words in a scientific paper, faithfully capturing the results obtained, representing the authors´efforts.

We guarantee a personalized dedication, with unmatched commitment and dedication.


We offer a wide range of services within the context of medical and scientific translations, always selecting the translator with the best knowledge of the topic at hand.

  • Global assessment for the publication and presentation of papers

  • The translation of a scientific paper is as important as the work itself. The goal is to transmit concepts clearly and ensure its publication.
    a) Full editorial work
    b) Correction
    c) Translation

  • Editing of written and oral presentations

  • We include:
    a) Translation and editing of oral and written presentations.
    b) Corrections of papers, summaries, conferences, etc.
    c) Written summary of seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc.

  • Posters

  • Posters are the way by which one presents one’s findings to the medical community. We offer:
    a) Confection of the entire poster, including graphics and text. We deliver the poster ready to be published.
    b) Poster translation
    c) Revision and correction

  • Abstracts

  • The Abstract is the first impression of a scientific work. A well written abstract is crucial, in order that in the required number of words, the main aspects of the work are highlighted, ensuring a potential publication and furthermore the interest of the colleagues who will read the full paper. We offer translating, editing, correction and adjustment of the word count to the pre-established number of words.

  • Conferences and presentations: Preparation of professionals

  • Carrying out a proper presentation is sometimes stressful, more so in a foreign language. In few minutes one must convey the work done during weeks or even months. Therefore, we prepare the professional to confront the challenge ahead of time, in order to carry out a successful presentation.

  • Preparation of literature (brochures, pamphlets, leaflet, handout, bulletin, etc)

  • Attracting a reader’s attention is crucial, thus the presentation of information is vital. This includes text, graphics, tables, drawings, etc.


Why Choose Us?
TRA-Doctor is formed by highly specialized team in medical and scientific translations as well as bilingual practicing physicians in various medical fields and professional translators. We know that inexactitude is not an option, and that terms vary according to a specific specialty.

From our personal experience we know the effort that goes into designing and carrying out research work, and we know how difficult it is to find translators who faithfully represent the full scale of our findings.

We know the effort that goes into each work and how vital it is that each fact is conveyed with exactitude. More so, we know that language is a means to an objective, and that a single word can make the difference in having a paper published.

All work submitted is proofread, ensuring the highest fidelity.


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